Monday, January 21, 2013

From Hill of Content Bookshop's Facebook Page:

"With great courage and honesty Christina Taylor has published her journal documenting three decades of dealing with depression. Her journal is published as 'A Woman's Courage: Inside Depression' and is available in store now. Christina tells of the battles she faced everyday trying to keep a smile on her face for the outside world while dealing with terrible depressive thoughts inside, which eventually led to a suicide attempt. For anyone living with depression or living with someone else who is suffering from depression this is a terribly important and invaluable look at dealing with the illness. Available now and $26.99" 

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  1. Hola, sonrisa...gracias for the friending on Facebook y for the Blog information...mucho apreciadas...I am actually one of those Courageous Women tú speak of...y I look forward to reading more from tú, sonrisa...gracias again...