Friday, July 25, 2014

What I hope to achieve

A few years before finding a publisher for 'A Woman's Courage, Inside Depression', I was asked what I hoped to achieve by putting it out into the world. Here was my response: 

"1 in 5 people suffer from Depression at some stage during their lifetime. I'm hoping that the reader can/will relate to the confusion/strange thought patterns/etc in my book and realise that suicide is not a solution. If I can live through it with minimal support, I'm hoping they can do it too. I'm also hoping to educate people that there are more than 1 type of anti-depressant medication on the market and if 1 doesn't work, they will have to try another.

I'm hoping that readers can/will relate to the high stress levels of attempting a Uni education if they are from a low socio-economic background. I'm hoping readers will understand that they can achieve Uni and other things regardless of their background. I want the readers to learn to face their fears."

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