Monday, February 2, 2015

Insights - January 2015

During the early hours of Sunday 25th January 2015, I wrote about some of my current frustrations.  Here are a few of my insights:

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.  We can hope that we learn lessons from our past experiences, but we cannot change our pasts.  Deal with the past, close that chapter and start living NOW.

People have so many wasted thoughts – thoughts that are unnecessary and never contribute to personal growth but instead prevent personal growth and development.  If we want to evolve we need to learn coping mechanisms to help clear the wasted noise our brain creates with wasted thoughts.

He is lost, he either has no idea who he is or hates himself.  If he loved himself he would have no need to tell so many lies.  He will never be capable of loving someone until he deals with his inner anger and learns to love and accept himself.  It’s not the entire world that he hates, it’s his reflection.  If he truly believed that he had all the answers, he would be a confident person with nothing to prove to the world.  

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