Wednesday, March 15, 2017

12 Bective Street receives a 5-star customer review on Amazon!

5.0 out of 5 stars An Honest Look at Life and Depression12 March 2017
This review is from: 12 Bective Street (Kindle Edition)
This is a story overflowing with the raw, gritty, unapologetic honesty of real life. These days that is an all too rare thing. In the era of social networks where all public representation, even biographies, are curated to remove all the wrinkles, this brave (sometimes brutal) look at a young woman fighting to rise above the disadvantages life handed her is the kind of story we need more of in literature.

The book pulls no punches, with the author's critical opinion as often as not levelled at herself as those around her. Her character development is not a nice neat arc but the jagged mess of a real person living a real life, navigating choice, consequence and dysfunctional relationships. Anyone who struggles to find strong, complex female characters in modern storytelling need look no further than this book!

The fact that the author is such a strong person, yet struggles with depression also helps to dispel one of the bigger myths about this mental illness. Indeed there is a wealth of information at the end of the book regarding how to deal with or help others deal with depression, which I have already found very useful in trying to help a friend.

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