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Free book offer October 21-22 2017

Both of my titles are going to be available on Amazon for FREE this weekend. Please spread the news!

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Price reduction

Commencing this weekend (Saturday 24th June): Massive price reduction on both of my books - each will be available for only $3.99 (AU) each, for a limited time.
In case you didn't already know, you don't need a Kindle device to read my books. All you need to do is download the Kindle app from the Amazon website.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Faking Fearlessness ALSO receives a 5-star customer review on Amazon!!!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars More of What Made 12 Bective Street Great12 March 2017
This review is from: Faking Fearlessness (Kindle Edition)
Picking up where 12 Bective Street left off, Faking Fearlessness details the author's continued battles with depression whilst her dysfunctional relationship spirals out of control. While the first book ended rather abruptly on 31st of December 1999, with many loose threads, the sequel has a much more rounded out ending, tying up the sad relationship between Christina and Aaron - the kind of bitter-sweet relationship most of us can relate to.

Like the author's character, Aaron is also a complex person with his own range of issues, most significantly drug addiction. But it also comes through just how much he genuinely cares and wants to help Christina through her problems. At times he manages to rise above his own weaknesses to do this and you find yourself really hoping they can salvage their relationship and help each other out of their respective holes. All of which makes the shocking culmination of this story even more of a gut punch.

12 Bective Street receives a 5-star customer review on Amazon!

5.0 out of 5 stars An Honest Look at Life and Depression12 March 2017
This review is from: 12 Bective Street (Kindle Edition)
This is a story overflowing with the raw, gritty, unapologetic honesty of real life. These days that is an all too rare thing. In the era of social networks where all public representation, even biographies, are curated to remove all the wrinkles, this brave (sometimes brutal) look at a young woman fighting to rise above the disadvantages life handed her is the kind of story we need more of in literature.

The book pulls no punches, with the author's critical opinion as often as not levelled at herself as those around her. Her character development is not a nice neat arc but the jagged mess of a real person living a real life, navigating choice, consequence and dysfunctional relationships. Anyone who struggles to find strong, complex female characters in modern storytelling need look no further than this book!

The fact that the author is such a strong person, yet struggles with depression also helps to dispel one of the bigger myths about this mental illness. Indeed there is a wealth of information at the end of the book regarding how to deal with or help others deal with depression, which I have already found very useful in trying to help a friend.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The sequel is here!!

2016 was a busy year for me.  I re-wrote and re-invented - complete with new chapters - my first book A Woman's Courage: Inside Depression.  It is now titled 12 Bective Street.

I also completed and published the sequel, Faking Fearlessness.  In this sequel, events follow on from 12 Bective Street but it is also a standalone book; you don't have to read 12 Bective Street for Faking Fearlessness to make sense.  

What does the future hold?  I am going to wait and see how popular the sequel is before I decide whether to publish any future books.  
Both books are available from Amazon:

12 Bective Street:

Faking Fearlessness:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Another 5 start review on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars A person's true view5 May 2015
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: A Woman's Courage (Kindle Edition)
Devastated it finished. I don't necessarily believe that is the best title, but what an insight to a young lady, and the struggle of growing up, while completing your dreams, and sticking to your guns. An amazing insight into the teenagers struggle with direction and relationship challenges, within boundaries set by one self for success, happiness and life experience in a personal diary format.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Updated Edition

I'm currently brainstorming ideas for the second edition of A Woman's Courage: Inside Depression

What changes/updates would you like to see in the new edition?  I'm thinking I may add an introductory chapter, to summarise the main events in my life leading up to the commencement of 1997. 

Suggestions for change are welcome.  Please email suggestions to

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Friday, May 8, 2015

New stockist: Alice's Bookshop

My book A Woman’s Courage, Inside Depression (Brolga Publishing, 2012) is now available from Alice’s Bookshop:  a traditional, slow bookshop, located at 629 Rathdowne Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3054 (Australia). 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New stockist: Leading Edge Books Benalla

My book A Woman’s Courage, Inside Depression (Brolga Publishing, 2012) is now also available from Leading Edge Books Benalla (95-97 Bridge Street East, Benalla, Victoria 3672 (Australia)).

New stockist: Beaumaris Books

My book A Woman’s Courage, Inside Depression (Brolga Publishing, 2012) is now available from Beaumaris Books.  A percentage of profits will be donated to Beyond Blue.

Beaumaris Books
24 South Concourse, Beaumaris, VIC, 3193 (Australia)
Phone:  +61 3 9589 4638

WIRE (Women's Information and Referral Exchange)

WIRE (Women's Information and Referral Exchange) provide free information, support and referrals for women in Victoria.  They host FREE workshops and seminars to help with searching for work, improving computer skills, information on women’s health, legal advice and art workshops. 

You can view their upcoming workshops/seminars here:

They are located at 372 Spencer Street, West Melbourne, VIC 3003. 

My book A Woman’s Courage, Inside Depression (Brolga Publishing, 2012) is now available from their resource library.   

Monday, February 2, 2015

Insights - January 2015

During the early hours of Sunday 25th January 2015, I wrote about some of my current frustrations.  Here are a few of my insights:

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.  We can hope that we learn lessons from our past experiences, but we cannot change our pasts.  Deal with the past, close that chapter and start living NOW.

People have so many wasted thoughts – thoughts that are unnecessary and never contribute to personal growth but instead prevent personal growth and development.  If we want to evolve we need to learn coping mechanisms to help clear the wasted noise our brain creates with wasted thoughts.

He is lost, he either has no idea who he is or hates himself.  If he loved himself he would have no need to tell so many lies.  He will never be capable of loving someone until he deals with his inner anger and learns to love and accept himself.  It’s not the entire world that he hates, it’s his reflection.  If he truly believed that he had all the answers, he would be a confident person with nothing to prove to the world.  

Monday, August 4, 2014

BOOK CLEARANCE: A Woman's Courage, Inside Depression (2012, Brolga Publishing)

Limited first edition copies - don't miss out!

The FINAL paperback copies of my book 'A Woman's Courage, Inside Depression (2012, Brolga Publishing) are up for sale.

These are FIRST EDITION copies from a small print run. There will be no second edition. 

1-5 copies: $8 each (70% OFF RRP)
6-20 copies: $7 each

In Australia: 
Bank: NAB
BSB Number: 083355
Account Number: 136620778

Outside of Australia:

Payment must be in Australian currency.

Help: Reverting the publishing rights back to the author

Have you been in the situation where you publisher has reverted the publishing rights back to you?  

Can you recommend any good websites that outline what this actually means for the author?  Is the publisher meant to do a 'handover' for example, so the author knows how many suppliers currently have their book in stock?

Any feedback welcome - please email me directly at

Friday, July 25, 2014

What I hope to achieve

A few years before finding a publisher for 'A Woman's Courage, Inside Depression', I was asked what I hoped to achieve by putting it out into the world. Here was my response: 

"1 in 5 people suffer from Depression at some stage during their lifetime. I'm hoping that the reader can/will relate to the confusion/strange thought patterns/etc in my book and realise that suicide is not a solution. If I can live through it with minimal support, I'm hoping they can do it too. I'm also hoping to educate people that there are more than 1 type of anti-depressant medication on the market and if 1 doesn't work, they will have to try another.

I'm hoping that readers can/will relate to the high stress levels of attempting a Uni education if they are from a low socio-economic background. I'm hoping readers will understand that they can achieve Uni and other things regardless of their background. I want the readers to learn to face their fears."

Saturday, April 26, 2014

BUY IN BULK, RE-SELL TO MAKE A PROFIT $$$: 64 Copies of 'A Woman's Courage'

Up for sale:  One box containing 64 copies of my book 'A Woman's Courage, Inside Depression (2012, Brolga Publishing)'.  

Hundreds of copies have already sold worldwide!  

RRP is:  $26.99.  I'm selling 64 copies for $96 = $1.50 per book!  Resell copies wherever you like, for as much as you like, and make a profit!!!!!!

I'm currently busy working on my second book and need to make some room in my house  :)

[**Pick-up only, from Victoria, Melbourne (Australia)**]

What is it like to live with depression? To feel you are in a black hole with no way to escape? Christina Taylor presents an honest account of what it was like for her, keeping a smile on her face for the benefit of the outside world, as she battled daily with conflicting and abnormal emotions and behaviours.  Finally, no longer able to keep up the facade, she attempted suicide.
Depression, once a taboo subject, is now a recognised and treatable mental illness. For anyone living with depression or living with someone else who is suffering from depression this is an invaluable insight into the world of the "black hole". 

Author Information 
Christina Taylor describes herself as an "educated bogan". She grew up in the Tasmanian suburb of Rokeby where unemployment, drugs and crime were the norm before moving to Melbourne. Christina has been writing since she was seven. 

Contact the Author

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My 70% OFF RRP special is still running but only applies to the paperback version.  For more details, please visit this link:

If you prefer eBooks, my book is also available in eBook format(s).  Please visit the following link for a list of some of the places where the eBook is available:

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Now available in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia)

Looking for a copy of my book in Hobart? 

Fullers Bookshop (located at 131 Collins St, Hobart, TAS, 7000, Australia) now have two copies in store.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The first guy I ever kissed who was also one of my best friends throughout high school, a good friends husband and a good friends' teenage son.  What do these three people have in common?  They all ended their lives with suicide during the past four months.

PLEASE take five minutes out of your busy day today to think about your loved ones and touch base to ensure they are doing OK emotionally.  Sometimes one tiny little gesture to show that you care is enough to keep a person going.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

**WORD OF MOUTH - Discount on the sequel**

If you enjoyed reading A Woman's Courage, Inside Depression, please tell your friends about the book  :)  If one of your friends purchases a copy from me, I will put you down for a discounted copy of the sequel (coming in 2014).  Here's the link:

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Christmas FREEBIE!!

I've decided to give away 20 FREE paperback copies of my book between now and Christmas.  To get your FREE copy, please email me your address (my email address is  

Merry Christmas   :)

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Is anybody out there?

Hmmm.  I'm wondering if my Hotmail address has been put on a spam list somewhere ... surely I should get more than one response after emailing ~ 200 different Australian libraries this week?  Maybe they assume it's spam coming from an email address like ''.  Maybe I need a new email address - one that is more 'author' professional, then re-email them all.  Or maybe people just don't respond to emails these days.  

Time to get some sleep.  I'll think about it more tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Support for 'A Woman's Courage, Inside Depression' during MENTAL HEALTH Month

I am proud to announce that a large INTERNATIONAL company will be promoting my book (and Special offer) via their Mental Health Month Intranet page   :)

You can view the offer here:-

Saturday, September 28, 2013

MENTAL HEALTH WEEK (6 to 12 October) - Offer Extended


I have extended my Mental Health Week (6 to 12 October 2013) Special Offer until the end of Mental Health Month (October):


MENTAL HEALTH WEEK is fast approaching.  

Is your organisation/company/business doing anything to raise awareness about mental health?  If your organisation is a not-for-profit organisation, please contact me if you would like support raising money during Mental Health Week. 

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My Australian distributor, Macmillan, is closing the distribution arm of it's business.

Distribution for my publisher (Brolga Publishing) and my title has now moved over to ADS:- 

Alliance Distribution Services 
Phone:  02 4390 1300

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New Bookshop orders 24 copies of my book for it's Grand Opening!

On Thursday a new bookshop that is opening in South Australia asked me for 24 copies of my book for the grand opening  :)

The other good news is they are paying me with cash and not bothering with a consignment arrangement. They are confident they will sell the 24 copies due to the relevance of the subject matter.  

The shop is Readabook, located at Ingle Farm Shopping Centre (Corner Walkelys Road and Montague Road), Ingle Farm SA 5098.  It will be the first store in a new chain of book shops.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why I wrote this book


When I first started on Prozac, I knew I was having some ‘off ’ days
and I was feeling depressed but I didn’t think depression was an actual
condition. I just thought everyone felt depressed sometimes and that it
was an emotional reaction to the stress of everyday life.

When I attempted suicide it was because I wanted the emotional
pain I was experiencing to end for good. I could no longer deal with the
stress in my life. I no longer wanted to live my life.


During my life, I have socialised with many people who have drug
dependencies: people who rely on alcohol, marijuana or ‘stronger’ illegal
drugs to get through the day. These people used to justify their addictions
by saying things like ‘I can’t sleep unless I’m stoned’, ‘I need to take the
edge off ’, ‘I’m an angry person and dope calms me down’. Looking
back, I cannot help but think they all could be suffering from depression
or some other mental disorder and are self-medicating to ‘escape’ the
emotions they are experiencing. They may be suffering from depression
and not even know it.

Suicide Books

I have read a couple of novels about the effects of suicide. I have read His
Bright Light, by Danielle Steel, about her son, Nick Traina, who suffered
from depression and consequently committed suicide. The book contains
diary entries made by her son Nick, leading up to his suicide.

Another book I have read is Melanie, by Melanie Woss, edited and
compiled by Fiona Giles. This book was also written after the main
character, Melanie, had committed suicide. Fiona Giles compiled pictures
and hand written notes by Melanie, along with Melanie’s journal entries,
into this novel. I actually came across this book while I was in a charity
store. I bought it for $2, took it home and read it.

If depression is such a huge issue globally, why has a book that has
been written on such an important topic been left on a shelf gathering
dust in an op-shop?

My book

I am one of the very fortunate people, still alive and having my depression
managed. I did not want my book to be compiled and published after
my suicide – when it was too late. I wanted to compile and publish my
book myself, and provide useful, informative information for others who
are suffering from depressive illness, or have a friend or family member
suffering from depression.

I put together this book myself in the hope that it may prevent a
depressed person from committing suicide.

Many people who have spent time around a depressed person may
wonder what goes through the depressed persons mind: ‘What are they
thinking?’, ‘Why did they say that?’, ‘Why did he/she do something so
stupid?’ My book will provide some insight into the thoughts that go
through a depressed person’s mind. My book shares with the reader my
experience with depression, not a textbook explanation of depression.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Impact of Depression - Competition Winners

I'm finding it difficult to pick three winners for 'The Impact of Depression' competition, so I've decided to give a FREE copy of my book away to everyone who emailed me their responses to the competition questions!  

For those of you who emailed your responses to me, please send me an email with your address and I'll post out your FREE copy of my book asap  :)

Thank you all  :)

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Authors For Oklahoma -- Extended until August 9th.

Authors For Oklahoma has been extended until August 9th.

If you have a look at 'Bundles 10-12', you will find my donated book in Bundle 12.

Donate to a good cause, support fantastic authors AND get some new reading material :)

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Signed copies now available at

This afternoon I met with the Book Division Manager of Readings, at their Carlton (Lygon Street) store.

Readings now have five signed copies of my book, available in store or you can order on-line:-

Thank you Readings, you are now officially my favourite book store  :)


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